Fall 2022

Throughout the pandemic I found myself in the unique position of being already set in the remote work universe while everyone around me in many professions discovered the flexibility, possibility and challenges of working remotely. I am grateful to my clients during the sometimes chaotic past couple of years for keeping me busy and grounded as the world kept changing around us.

In new client news, in March 2021 I signed on with Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (Buena Vista, CO) to assist in the database and connectivity clean-up for NISC Operation Analytics. Working closely with both NISC and SDCEA we fine-tuned the data model to eliminate DEW errors. Going forward I will also be helping SDCEA to clean up their joint use database and model net meters.

My work continues with Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative in Findlay, OH, Illinois Electric Cooperative in Winchester, IL and Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District in Grand Lake, CO; I have also continued supporting Exponential Engineering Company on multiple GIS-intensive projects.

GIS at Illinois Electric Co-op


Blue Door GIS has been assisting Illinois Electric Cooperative with their GIS needs since 2013. Our role has been one of assisting the engineers with work order backlogs, map editing and database management. Recently we have helped prepare their GIS database for conversion from ATS to Futura.

GIS Analysis for BIO-Logic


Blue Door GIS has worked to assist BIO-Logic, a Natural Resource Consultant on multiple projects including GIS analysis for a project in Colorado and Utah and a viewshed analysis project on the Unaweep plateau.  With a combined 8 years of experience working with NRCE (Natural Resources Consulting Engineers),  the US National Forest and the National Park Service doing extensive spatial analysis on a wide variety of projects, Blue Door GIS can provide reliable GIS analysis for large and small natural resource projects.